As someone who has never gone, how I imagine Black Friday shopping – reddit repost

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I like when the chick in back throws her baby.

It’s every man for himself in there.

and woman

And baby.

and my axe!

And blackjack!

And hookers!



Honestly, this only happens in wal-mart, but the real question about black friday is; of all places, WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE ACT LIKE THIS AT FUCKING WAL-MART

As someone who worked at Toys R Us, I refute your claims.

As someone that’s worked Black Friday at Blockbuster, Target, Home Depot, and CompUSA, I can also refute that claim. For the record, Target was the worst of them. Saw middle-aged women shoving each other out of the way, running each other over with shopping carts, sprinting for the toy department so they could load their carts…kids screaming and crying all over the place, people snatching toys right out of children’s hands…as I was leaving (I worked 3rd shift so I was leaving as the insanity was starting) I even had to help rebuild an endcap that customers had literally separated from the aisle itself which then collapsed and fell over, which the customers of course just started climbing over to get to whatever the hell plastic piece of crap they’d been camping out front for 6 hours for. CompUSA did it right the last year they were open. We printed up vouchers for every product in our ad, exactly the amount we had in stock, went outside, and handed them out, starting with the first person in line, before we even opened the doors. That was the best Black Friday I ever experienced. We let them in a few dozen people at a time, who filed right to the register, handed their voucher over, paid for their shit, and picked it up as they were walking out the door. No pushing and shoving, no altercations…the only grumbling was out of the people at the end of the line outside that were royally pissed off that we did the whole voucher thing in the first place, probably because they figured they’d just bum-rush the place like they do everywhere else on Black Friday. Anywho, best Black Friday ever. Wish more places would do something like that, because it’s not like the people that are camping out want to shop, 99% of the time, they know exactly what they want days before they even get in line after Thanksgiving dinner.



I imagine this.

This is FAR more accurate…god damn.

What in the wide wide world of fuck!?

From what I can gather with my extremely limited knowledge of Spanish (mostly my ability to see numbers) some store was selling 50 inch HDTVs for $299.

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