To prepare my wife for a weekend of Borderlands 2, I wrote her a list of things that may happen. This was her response. – reddit repost

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Your wife seems very nice. Is she single?

she will be by monday

Especially if he gives her that shitty controller. Nothing worse than a shitty controller.

Except maybe stealing all the good guns.

My husband and I did the same thing. We haven’t done dishes since Tuesday and thankfully, there’s no need since we haven’t bothered to cook since then either. We’re only showering because we have to go to work and being sleep deprived is bad enough. This weekend… shit gets real.

We have a cross-country move coming up in 13 days. My wife and I are holding off playing because I know that either a: we will neglect our responsibilities pre-move, or b: we will neglect the game, but be torn by not playing, and be miserable every second of the day. So we’re not touching it. Not even once. Not even just a bit, just to see what the character creation screen feels like. The good news is, while our stuff may take a while to get to our new location, we’re taking a folding table, two folding chairs, and both PCs, and cable is the very first service being hooked up in the new place, the day after we arrive. We can totally do this. We. Can. Do. This. </shaky breath>

My wife cleared her schedule, bought snacks and called dibs on the healer class

I… I want your life.

I had an apartment once… overrated…

Yeah me too. It sucks. There’s all these other people always coming in and out of my building, like they lived there or something. The fucking nerve of some people.

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