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・What is your name?


・What is your age? 24

・What kind of cellphone do you have?



・What are you excited about right now? An anime called Kachikomi!! (カチコミ!!) ・What games do you like?
I like the Saga series, the Chrono series…etc. There are too many to list! Recently I’ve been hooked on a mobile game based on the anime series “serial experiments lain.”



・What is your favorite electronics?
Nothing in particular, but I have been using this KENWOOD mp3 player for a long time. The ear buds it came with are really good.



・What is your favorite home electronics?
I don’t have one in particular, but I got a bought a front-loading Panasonic washer about 6 months ago that I am still excited about.




・niconico community



・Please give us a quick self-introduction!
I’m super excited to be featured through Gadget news, I always read your articles!
I am from Osaka, but Ikebukuro was closer to my hotel so we took pictures there…wow it was hot! It was really fun to walk through Ikebukuro for my first time, even though I was sweating the whole time! I really liked the feel of the park, it was surprising to find it there! I usually watch live videos on niconico, drink, sing, dance, and play games.

My stage name is Hamar, and I will occasionally participate in live events and CDs!

I loved game music from a young age, and so I DJ regularly at a game music club event called FamiTsu (ファミ痛) held in Osaka once every two months.

It is a really fun event so please come join us!


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