Fatal Frame horror game live action movie adaptation announced

2014.04.23 08:03:23 by andy category : Games Games & Anime Tags :Games Live Action Movie

A live-action film adaptation of the PlayStation 2 game Fatal Frame (Zero / Project Zero) has been announced. The movie will be directed by Mari Asato and will feature two popular models from the Seventeen magazine, Ayami Nakajo and Aoi Morikawa.


The original PlayStation 2 game follows a heroine who uses a camera that can be used to photograph and battle with spirits. The game and the subsequent follow up games take place in dilapidated Japanese-style architecture that lends the series a particular Japanese ambiance. This adaptation will actually be based on the novelization of the first game, written by MPD-Psycho creator Eiji Ohtsuka. Although the ambiance will be preserved, there have been small changes – such as the setting being changed from a Japanese mansion to an old girl’s dormitory.

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