Motto! SoniComi bikini and maid outfit gameplay footage

2014.01.22 09:35:31 by andy category : Games Games & Anime Tags :Games Motto! SoniComi PlayStation 3 Super Sonico


Kadokawa has released two gameplay videos for the upcoming Motto! SoniComi PlayStation 3 game. The videos show off two different photo shoots with Sonico, one with her in a white bikini and the other with Sonico in a maid outfit.


The game is an updated version of the PC game SoniComi, originally released in 2011. This new version has updated graphics and easier gameplay. Players must try to become a professional cameraman, taking requests from various clients and building a friendship with the new gravure idol Sonico.


Motto! SoniComi will be released in Japan on March 20, 2014, and another Super Sonico game (SoniPro) will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in early winter 2014.

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