Danball Senki Wars gameplay trailer released

2013.11.02 09:28:56 by andy category : Games Games & Anime Tags :Danball Senki Wars Games Nintendo 3DS

Level 5 has streamed a four minute gameplay video for the Nintendo 3DS strategy RPG Danball Senki Wars. The character Jin Kaido narrates, and explains the basic plot and some of the gameplay features.


The game features the same cast and basic story as the anime series, which premiered last April. The player takes the role of a member of the nation “Harness” in the year 2055. Alongside the characters Suzune Kinbako, Kagetora Inui, and Takeru Kojo, the main character takes part in the mini robot game LBX.


Danball Senki Wars shipped on Thursday in Japan, in both retail stores and on the Nintendo e-Shop.

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