Tales of Link and Tales of Bibliotheca promo videos

2013.10.18 08:53:36 by andy category : Games Games & Anime Tags :Games Smartphone Tales of Bibliotheca Tales of Link

Namco Bandai has released promotional videos for Tales of Link and Tales of Bibliotheca, two upcoming smartphone Tales of games.


Tales of Link follows the young swordsman Shiza and the adventurer Sara, as they quest to seal the Seed of Disaster. Although the story is new some characters from previous Tales of games may make an appearance.



Tales of Bibliotheca brings multiple Tales of stories together, with the first chapter following Tales of Vesperia. Following chapters will include story summaries and illustrations from other previous games for a total of 12 chapters.

The first chapter of Tales of Bibliotheca will be released for free, and subsequent chapters will be 170 Yen each (appx. USD1.80)

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