High School DxD 3DS game details

2013.07.04 09:40:28 by andy category : Games Games & Anime Tags :Games High School DxD Nintendo 3DS

More details have surfaced for the Nintendo 3DS game based on the erotic light novel/anime High School DxD.


In the light novel and anime Issei Hyodo, a pervert second-year high school student, is killed on his first date ever by a girl. He is then reincarnated as a devil and must serve as the underling of Rias, a high-level devil and schoolmate.

The game follows and reenacts the anime storyline, in particular Issei’s daily school encounters with the girls. Players can engage in coversations with the heroines, improving or degrading Issei’s standing through choices. The unique system of the game comes from advancement through following desires; according to Famitsu, “the key to winning is lust!”


“Lust power” gained through the conversation segments can be used during the battle in each chapter. Use of this lust power will increase the “Dress Break” damage to opponents.


The game will ship November 28th.

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