Puppeteer trailers streamed by Sony

2013.06.06 06:15:13 by andy category : Games Games & Anime Tags :Games PlayStation 3 Puppeteer SONY

In preparation for E3, Sony has begun streaming a trailer and gameplay videos for the English release of the Puppeteer game for PlayStation 3. The game is available for pre-order and will ship on September 3rd.

The game follows a young boy named Kutaro, who has been carried away and turned into a puppet. When the Moon Bear King steals his head, Kutaro uses a special pair of scissors to help him get his head back and find a way home. During his journey, Kutaro can find and wear different heads, which can grant him special skills in order to get past certain obstacles.


The four gameplay videos highlight four different heads that the player can obtain, the Ninja, Knight, Wrestler, and Pirate.



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