Soul Sacrifice reveals more free DLC bosses

2013.05.11 10:37:26 by ひろゆき category : Games Games & Anime Tags :Games PlayStation Vita Soul Sacrifice

Keiji Inafune’s Soul Sacrifice for the PlayStation Vita has made a big splash in Japan, and players have been celebrating free DLC packs post-launch. Included in the DLC are several new bosses, with the Basilisk and Troll DLC being the latest revealed. They will be available on the PlayStation Store in Japan on May 16th.


The Basilisk was previously a blind man who wished to see the woman he loved. When the wish backfired, he turned into a fearsome beast.


The Troll was once a respected knight who began to tell tall tales about giants and battles, and eventually turned became a monster.


There are plenty more monsters that have not been revealed! Who could be behind the silhouettes?



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