Original Sonic the Hedgehog to be available on Nintendo 3DS

2013.05.09 10:47:57 by ひろゆき category : Games Games & Anime Tags :Games Nintendo 3DS Sega Sonic the Hedgehog

The very first Sonic the Hedgehog game will be available in stereoscopic 3D on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Sega will be releasing the download next Wednesday for 600 yen (Approximately US$6)


In addition to becoming 3D, the new version of the game will also feature the spin dash move, mid game saves, the option to skip any stage, and the choice to play either the Japanese or international versions (with slightly different layouts). Players can even use a display mode that uses the stereoscopic 3D display to create a rounded, bulgy screen reminiscent of the old CRT TVs.


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