Kud Wafter PSP port opening movie

The opening video for the PlayStation Portable visual novel game Kud Wafter -Converted Edition- by Key is now streaming online. The game, initially scheduled for release on April 25th, was delayed and will be released on May 9th.

The story follows high school students Riki Naoe and Kudravka Noumi (“Kud”) as their friendship turns romantic after becoming roommates. The characters and voice cast are introduced in the opening video, with Naomi Wakabayashi (The IDOLM@STER) voicing Kud, Nanae Nakano voicing Shiina Arizuki, and Kumiko Okugawa as Yuuki Himuro.


The game is a PSP port of Kud Wafter, Key’s eighth adult visual novel, released in 2010 for Windows PC in Japan. This PSP port will not include the adult content, and will instead feature new artwork and events for all ages.

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