Love Live! Rhythm game for iOS

2013.04.17 14:11:21 by andy category : Games Games & Anime Tags :Games iOS Love Live! School Idol Festival

The Love Live! characters will be coming to the iOS in Japan, announced game developer KLab and Bushiroad’s Bushimo label. An android version is also planned for release further down the road.



The game, titled Love Live! School Idol Festival, is free to play and has two modes – Story and Live. All nine members of the idol group μ (Muse) are included in the game as well. In the “Live” portion of the game, players can gain points and earn idol cards by tapping circles at the proper time, and can compete for highscores while using the idol cards to improve their team. In the “Story” mode, the player manages the idol group μ by planning their training and schedules. All of the idols are fully voiced by the same voice actresses as the anime, and the player can interact with them as they go through the daily hardships of a school idol.


The game is part of a “ultimate user-participation project” by Dengeki G Magazine and anime studio Sunrise, in which fans can vote on the future of their fictional idols. An anime series, music CDs, and animated music videos have been part of this project so far.


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