Fantasy Comedy Anime Senyu 2nd Season to air in July

2013.04.02 14:13:01 by andy category : Games & Anime Tags :Anime second season Senyu

The Jump Square magazine May issue has announced that the Senyu fantasy comedy anime has been approved for a second season.



Senyu is an anime adaptation of Robinson Haruhara’s manga series, in which the demon Satan Rchimedes has been sealed away for a millenia by the hero Creation. When a giant hole suddenly appears and releases demons the king believes that Satan Rchimedes has returned, and summons the descendant of the hero in order to fight. He sends the 75 descendants, each with a palace warrior, to take on the threat. Hero No. 45, Alba (Hiro Shimono), finds himself paired with the sadistic palace warrior Ross (Yuichi Nakamura,) and together they begin their adventure.


The anime premiered on January 8th, and the first season is streamed by Crunchyroll to several countries outside of Japan.



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