Promotional video released for 7th Dragon 2020-II

2013.03.02 10:22:10 by andy category : Games & Anime Tags :7th Dragon 2020-II game PSP

A promotional video for 7th Dragon 2020-II game was released, and highlights the newest occupation, “Idol”.




The game is set in 2021, when dragons threaten humanity’s existence. The government selects young people with talents to fight as a last resort. Hatsune Miku will be singing the theme song, “HeavenZ-ArmZ,” and players will be able to meet the singer in the game. The game also features an improved character creation system including 40 different voice actors to choose from, as well as various appearences and occupations. 7th


7th Dragon 2020-II is a sequel to 7th Dragon 2020, and will be released for the PlayStation Portable  in Japan on April 18th.

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