Arata: The Legend anime voice cast comments

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The anime adaptation of Arata: The Legend (Arata Kangatari) will be broadcast in Japan in April. The original manga was written by Yu Watase, and was a huge hit in Japan.

The story is set in an alternate world where gods live among humans, where Arata must pretend to be a girl as the successor to the matriarchal Hime Clan. When an assassination plot forces him to escape, he somehow switches places with Arata Hinohara and winds up in modern-day Japan. Arata Hinohara must now deal with a confused identity and people after his life.



Comments from the main Voice Cast:


Nobuhiko Okamoto (Arata Hinohara)

Arata is a character who, in despair, tries to escape reality. He isn’t exactly the hero type, and I had a little bit of trouble voicing him as such. If Arata had remained in this world, I think he would have been able to stay withdrawn and escape reality. However  because he is thrown into a fantasy world and actually does escape reality, he can no longer avoid confrontation and begins to grow as a person. I am very interested in how the once-normal Arata will grow in this setting. There are plenty of unique characters alongside him, and I hope everyone can enjoy how they work together.


Ayahi Takagaki (Kotoha)

The great part about this story is the personal connections of Arata and those around him. Regardless of friend or foe, each character has their own depth and strength. I think that the viewers will enjoy connecting with each character while watching this anime. I do not know how much of the love story the anime will work in, but each action and word spoken by Kotoha has a kindness and empathy behind it that I hope the viewers can enjoy.


Yuuki Ono (Kannagi)

I was really happy when the director told me to be my natural self during the audition. I am looking forward to voicing the Kannagi role while using my natural voice. This is a great story that ties together this world and an alternate universe. I will do my best so that those who read the manga and new viewers both will be able to enjoy the anime.

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