Ark IX anime promotional video released

2013.02.27 13:08:14 by andy category : Games & Anime Tags :Anime Ark IX Japan novel Promo Ragnarok trailer video

Flying Dog productions has released a promotional video for Ark IX, an anime based on the action novels by Kentaro Yasui (Sword of the Dark Ones / Ragnarok).

The series begins 150 years after a mysterious black fog overtakes half of the planet. Humanity survives by building massive walled cities called “arks” that split the world.

Enishi Shido runs a detective agency on the ninth ark, and learns of a conspiracy related to the Rivigarudo syndrome that has been mutating victims into something inhuman.


The first Ark IX novel, Shi no Tenshi, was relesed on Febuary 1st, and the second volume will be released July 2nd as a limited edition bundle with Blu-ray of the original anime. Ark IX will be Kentaro’s first published novel since 2006. His Ragnarok series inspired the manga adaptation of the same name, released in America under the title Sword of the Dark Ones.

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