Manga Life Storia magazine by Takeshobo

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A special edition magazine called Manga Life Storia will be launched by Takeshobo, publisher of Manga Life, on March 29th. The new magazine will contain narrative stories and will be released quarterly. New short stories by Yumi Unita (Bunny Drop) and Mikio Igarashi (Bono Bono) will be featured, as well as spinoff stories for Sparrow’s Hotel, Dobutsu no Oshaberi, Recorder and Randsell, and Chiichan no Oshinagaki.


JManga will be releasing Recorder and Randsell and Bono Bono in English, while Yen Press is publishing the Bunny Drop manga in North America. Recorder and Randsell, Bunny Drop, and Sparrow’s Hotel will be getting an anime adaptation as well.

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