A human-android love story, “Hal” lead voice casting announced!

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The main voice cast for the recently announced Hal have been revealed! The story is an original futuristic love story with characters penned by the Shojyo manga artist Sakisaka Io, and will be produced by WIT studio. WIT took on the Attack on Titan anime debuting later this year, and the members have taken part in other notable productions such as Sengoku Basara and Birdy the Mighty: Decode. Set in the near future, Hal will follow the growing relationship between human Kurumi and the android Hal.


Lead Voice Casting

Hal trailer – Japanese


The voice of Hal will be played by Hosoya Yoshimasa (Yukitaka Tsutsui in Level E, Arata Wataya in Chihayafuru) while the Kurumi will be voiced by Yoko Hikasa (Mio Akiyama in K-On!!). The main theme for the theatrical version will be The neverending poem, sung by Yoko Hisaka. This will be Hisaka’s first theatrical theme song. The theatrical trailer

has been released as well (available above).


Comments from the cast

Hal/Hosoya Yoshimasa

Before the recording I was able to talk with the director and staff, going over the voice of my character and exploring his depth. We were able to talk about what the character was meant to convey, and I felt that we were truly building something together. I will do my best to voice a character that will remain in the minds of those who watch! Please watch the movie when it is released!

Kurumi/Yoko Hikasa

Original animations have a strange attraction to them, and they allow the artists to lead the viewers to whatever world they wish. Hal is a project that truly makes me feel this way. I am very glad to be a part of this team. I wish to play a Kurumi that loves and is loved, and has a warmth that can connect to all.

Director/Makihara Ryutaro

Life is full of struggle, but great things can happen! I tried to embody this thought in the movie, and hope that it is conveyed to all. Hal tries to open Kurumi’s closed off heart, and I hope that the audience will find all of Kurumi’s actions to be as cute as I did!



“I became human to remind Kurumi that she is alive” Hal and Kurumi led a happy life, that they thought would last forever. Their hopes were suddenly shattered by an airplane accident. Having lost the love of her life, Kurumi loses the will to live. To restore her life and happiness, the android Q01 Kyuuichi is built to resemble Hal and live with Kurumi. The only clues that roboHal have are written on a rubics cube left behind. As the colors fall in place and reveal a message, roboHal struggles to open Kurumi’s heart to the world. As roboHal is helped by his creator doctor Aranami and the other residents of the city, he learns more about Kurumi and what it means to be human. As roboHal and Kurumi grow closer…

Director: Makihara Ryutaro
Script: Kizara Izumi

Character Design: Sakisaka Io
Character Art Director: Kitada Katsuhiko
Music Director: Hata Shouji
Theme: Yoko Hisaka
Production: WIT STUDIO
http://hal-anime.com (Japanese)

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