A review of the gag anime “Ai-Mai-Mi” [6/10]

Gadget Anime Reviews for the 2013 “Ai-Mai-Mi”

Synopsis: The three girls of the school manga club, Ai, Mai, and Mi, fight evil aliens invading earth, battle with rivals in tournaments, and might not draw any manga.

Production: Takeshobo
Director: Imazaki Itsuki
Official Website: http://www.takeshobo.co.jp/sp/tv_aimaimi/ (Japanese)


Average Score

6/10(3 reviewers)



Anijirou Exploration Squad

Performance 5

Writing/Script 5
Art 4
Impact of the Kappa 10
Average Score 5

It is supposed to be about Ai, Mai, and Mi and their manga club, but the Kappa is all I remember. It can’t be helped with such a short anime.

It comes down to how many laughs you can get with two jokes, so I suppose each episode will have a different result. For now, the Kappa in episode 1 was very funny. the first 10 seconds were the best.


Performance 8
Writing/Script 8
Art 7
What? I don’t even… 9
Average Score 7

I don’t quite understand it. I gather it is supposed to be a surreal gag anime, but I think this is for experienced anime watchers. The jokes seem to be about two steps past normal, and there probably will be many who can just keep up. The characters at first seem to be more mainstream, but their comments can be sharp and targeted at their audience. In addition the posters of past Takeshobo productions and a Marty Friedman segment in the ED lead me to not understand what this anime wants to do. (Read the above as praise.)

Onizaki Piro

Performance 6
Writing/Script 5
Art 4
実写パートが本編度 10
総合 6

An anime where the kappa dies immediately!! A gag short with manga references…wait, there’s more than one this season!

It’s refreshing that they are going full blast from the beginning, the animations during the ED sequence is very nostalgic and I like it!


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Anijirou Exploration Squad

A former event coordinator in his 30s who now works in media and anime distribution!


I watch a lot of anime that is popular online.

Onizaki Piro

I’m an anime otaku gangster hiding in the corners of the industry and doing my thing!

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