Super Mario World speed run record broken!

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The world record for Super Mario World speed run has been broken! The record broken is for what is known as a RTA (real time attack) in Japan, where the player relies on only their own reflexes and skill.

Niconico スーパーマリオワールドRTA 10:26.32 タイムシフト版

The record was broken by a Japanese live broadcaster going by the screen name Menbou(93km) [綿棒(93キロ)] on niconico.jp (A capture of this video shown above). His time was a mere 10 minutes, 26.32 seconds, breaking the 2008 TAS (tool assisted speed run) record of 10 minutes, 26.65 seconds which was said to be the fastest possible time.


Viewers celebrate by congratulating him on graduating humanity


There are many bugs that help to reduce the time significantly, but the complexity of triggering these bugs with nothing but a controller is what makes a RTA speed run so difficult. As Menbou commented, he is manually adjusting his own score in order to prevent even a lag of one frame (about a 60th of a second)

The pressure mounts as the end draws near


This record was in fact broken during a live stream, and at first Menbou can be heard chatting casually with his viewers. However, as they begin to realize that the record is in reach, everyone quiets down to concentrate.


Here are some other speed runs for comparison

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