Some pictures with perfect timing!

2012.10.29 16:54:24 by andy category : galleries Tags :Perfect Timing pics

Here are several pictures taken at just the right moment!



Source: REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Source: elrecavorfabron

Source: Marko Popadic

Source: meflipalamoda.blogspot.com

Source: random.lv

Source: Kathy Keatley Garvey

Source: photohito

Source: EW

Source: adme.ru

Source: zokstersomething

Source: latestpictureupdates.blogspot

Source: catsmob

Source: server4.foros

Source: haluze.cz

Source: weknowmemes

Source: Adde Adesokan

Source: Slavengabric

Source: Stéphane Rousseau Officiel

Source: buzzfeed

Source: Jagdeep Rajput

Source: itaintholywater

Source: Michael Higgins

Source: utrokolhoz

Source: bart

Source: dailypicksandflicks


If you find other pictures that were taken at just the right time, send them to us!


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