Tokyo Sangyo Shimbun is an online news media distribution service.

Newspapers are said to have evolved through informing the discussions and debates of the coffeehouses in England. Placing this relationship in a modern setting, we found the role of modern newspapers to be delivering information to the online community for discussion and debate.

Of course, there is no correct form for information to take. We strive to compliment the online community and continue to search for new and exciting ways to present information.

Starting from the simple question; why were newspapers created? We seek to utilize digital media and the ever changing world of electronic communication to reach the ideals of information providers of the past.

Our ideals are as follows:

・To share useful information

Our goal is not to merely report, but to share information from user to user. For this purpose we report and edit.

・To be creative and interesting

Our goal is to present information in an easy to understand and interesting manner. We will continue to be creative for this purpose.

・To be flexible and bold in our presentation

We strive to be impartial and fearless in our assessment of the news.

・To change with the times

We will not be held back and will make it our goal to integrate new technologies and ideas as they arise.


Gadget News (Japanese) –  http://getnews.jp/

Gadget News is an online news source that provides information on the latest digital gadgets and lifestyle suggestions. The information is brought to you with a humorous streak, so you can relax and enjoy the latest information.