Fairy Tail English dub cast for Grimoire Hearts announced

2014.02.27 16:25:40 by andy category : Anime Games & Anime Tags :Anime Fairy Tail


Funimation has announced the dub cast for the Grimoire Heart antagonists that will be appearing next in the ninth box set release of the Fairy Tail anime series. The box set will be released March 20 and will contain episodes 97~108.


Azuma: Ray Hurd
Bluenote: Chuck Huber
Capricorn: Michael Johnson
Hades: John Swasey
Kain: Bryan Massey
Kawazu: Ian Sinclair
Meldy: Bryn Apprill
Rustyrose: Justin Locklear
Ultear: Lydia Mackay
Yomazu: Matt Thurston
Zancrow: Ian Ferguson
Zordio: Marcus D. Stimac

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