First promo video for Super Sonico Anime released

2013.11.16 14:05:09 by andy category : Anime Games & Anime Tags :Anime SoniAni -Super Sonico the Animation-

Pony Canyon has released the first promotional video for the anime adaptation of Nitroplus’s Super Sonico character. The video features the opening theme song, “Beat Goes On!”, sung by Super Sonico.


The video shows Super Sonico being woken up by her cats and slowly eating breakfast, only to realize that she is late for work.


In SoniAni -Super Sonico the Animation-, Super Sonico will be playing herself and will be performing the opening theme song. Voices for the band leader/bassist Misuzu Fuji (Mai Goto), drummer Furi Watanuki (Mami Ozaki) and manager Kitamura (Ryota Takeuchi) have been announced as well. Studio WHITE FOX will be producing the anime, with Kenichi Kawamura directing.


The story will follow Super Sonico as she lives her life as a college student while also taking part in a girl band called ‘Daiichi Uchu Sokudo.’

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