The exciting manga adaptation continues! Magi Season 2 gadget anime review [7/10]

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Magi Season 2 – Gadget Anime Review

After clearing Zagan’s dungeon, Aladdin and his friends relax and celebrate in Sindria. There, Aladdin learns about the three Magi from Sinbad and is asked to go to the Reim Empire as Sindria’s Magi. Aladdin smiles, declaring that he is not the Magi of Sindria. In the midst of the celebration, Aladdin declares that he will not let the world end. But, where will they go from here…?

Production: A-1 Pictures
Director: Koji Masunari

Started on October 6, 2013
Website: http://www.project-magi.com/


Average Score

7/10(3 Reviewers)


Anijirou Exploration Squad

Performance 7
Script 8
Art 8
Just about to fall out 10
Average 7

The first season of Magi was very fun, so I’m looking forward to season two. Aladdin may be growing up, but his love of girls always makes me laugh.

I have to say though, the girls in Magi all seem to have soft boobs. It’s amazing. I just want to jump in.

It seems like there will be more political aspects to it from now, so adults should be able to enjoy the story. The singer of the theme song is the same as the first season, but I prefer the first song more.


Mont Blanco

Performance 5
Script 4
Art 5
Climax from the beginning 8
Average 5

The 2nd season has begun, and it is able to just take off where the story left off. It might be a bit hard to get into if you are just starting the series.

There are a lot of story lines progressing at the same time, but for some reason I felt the tempo was a bit off. Even with the storyline becoming more complex, I don’t seem to remember much of it after watching. Hopefully the story will be a bit easier to understand from here on out.

I had hoped that for the first episode the art would be a bit more…but, it would be fine if the art stays at this level. The comedy sections are cute though, so I like the art styles there.

The OP sequence is good and would probably work to draw in a younger crowd too.


Onizaki Piro

Performance 9
Script 8
Art 9
I want fans like Morg’s fans 10
Average 9

The second season of the anime adaptation of the popular manga Magi! I had been watching the first season here and there, but it really seems like this is a continuation rather than an entirely new season. I’m definitely looking forward to watching all of the girls…and with so many unique male characters, I’m sure the female viewers will have some fun too. The voice cast is very high quality, matching the overall quality of the anime. I’m excited for more perverted antics from Aladdin!!

Newcomers to the series might have some difficulties without watching the first season, but this is an anime that can be enjoyed by everyone!


Reviewer Profiles

Mont Blanco
I love anime from the 90s and 00s, voice actors, and idol units. I haven’t watched anime recently so I’m easing my way back in.

Anijirou Exploration Squad
A former event coordinator in his 30s who now works in media and anime distribution!

Onizaki Piro
I’m an anime otaku gangster hiding in the dark and damp corners of the industry and doing my thing!

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