The popular baseball manga becomes an anime! Ace of the Diamond gadget anime review [8/10]

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Ace of the Diamond – Gadget Anime Review

I want to pitch to that mitt once more…

Eijun Sawamura’s life changes when he meets the catcher Kazuya Miyuki.

To test his own strength he leaves his friends and enters the prestigious baseball school Seidou. There, he met others who had put everything on the line for the sport.

A new take on a classic tale, enjoy all of the emotion and excitement of the popular baseball manga as an anime!

Production: Madhouse / Production I.G.
Director: Mitsuyuki Masuhara

Started on October 6, 2013
Website: http://diaace.com/


Average Score

8/10(4 Reviewers)


Anijirou Exploration Squad

Performance 8
Script 8
Art 8
Oh yea, this is how it started 10
Average 8

This anime is based on a popular baseball manga currently featured in a magazine. The first episode was a great anime adaptation of the original work.

I’ll list some of the main selling points of the manga, and if it sounds interesting then the anime is worth a look.

First, the story is set in a school with a strong baseball team. It’s a bit different since the story isn’t about an underdog team.

The main character is not the team star. He’s around 3rd in ranking. Unusual.

There’s no inflation of skills. No super special pitches or anything.

Even so many baseball manga out, its unusual to see this kind of story. Really.



Performance 6
Script 7
Art 7
Sports Club 9
Average 7

Baseball anime. As far as I can tell from the first episode, the main character isn’t very appealing so I’m a bit apprehensive about how this will develop… Why would you ask “I’m gonna go to Tokyo just to play baseball?” when you are uncertain about entrance exams but want to play baseball? I guess he won’t be playing with his old team so I want to ask him “What is friendship to you?” But, I think this series accurately depicts baseball so it’s worth a look.


Old Man Carpaccio

Performance 7
Script 6
Art 8
Baseball 7
Average 7

A classic passionate baseball series that gets you heated up within 10 seconds of starting. The name of the main character Eijun Sawamura is very close to the legendary Japanese baseball league pitcher Eiji Sawamura. But, even though he is the main character it looks like he isn’t exactly the best at sports, romance, or studying. I’m looking forward to how the story will develop.


Onizaki Piro

Performance 10
Script 10
Art 10
Passion for Baseball 10
Average 10

The anime adaptation of popular baseball manga Ace of the Diamond, and you can see the high quality from the opening sequence!

Eijun the main character has a classic feel to him, and I’m looking forward to the unique characters that will show up later on. The cool suited scout lady is excellent as well…

It’s been a while since a good baseball anime has come out, but this one is very high-school boy-like! Which is good! Sports should be passionate and exciting. The comedy is fun as well, and I think this anime adaptation is a success!


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