To an emotional ending! Little Busters! Refrain (2nd Season) gadget anime review [8.7/10]

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Little Busters! Refrain – Gadget Anime Review

When Naoe Riki was a boy living in despair, he met 4 young boys and girls. A few years from then, Riki spends his days happily as a member of the Little Busters. If only these days would continue forever.

One day, Kyousuke convinces everyone to form a baseball team, and Riki is tasked with finding additional members. With new members, they have more fun at haunted houses, sneaking into the girl’s locker room, performing a puppet show…and helping each other out with their own problems. With the final baseball game, they are able to reaffirm the bonds they share with each other.

—But this was not the end. This is the beginning of the real story of the Little Busters.

Production: J.C.STAFF
Director: Yoshiki Yamagawa

Started on October 5, 2013
Website: http://www.litbus-anime.com/


Average Score

8.7/10(3 Reviewers)



Performance 8
Script 8

Art 8
Friendship 10
Average 8

A second season of Little Busters. I’ve watched the first season but haven’t played the game. Were Kendo members that high energy? Pancakes are great though. There is a great balance between the personalities of the kids, and you won’t get bored watching them. This series starts off with an evil act from a background character, but using tacks in this day and age is so cliche it’s almost sneaky. This season will most likely be the end, and so I’m excited for how things will go. The first season started just a year ago, and so they don’t seem to be doing much re-capping of the story for new viewers. If you are interested in starting this series, I recommend starting from the beginning of the first season.


Anijirou Exploration Squad

Performance 8
Script 8
Art 9
We will finally know the truth about the mystery! 10
Average 8

I was waiting for this! After the first season I had my suspicions, but I avoided spoilers and was waiting for the second season. The girls are as cute as always! I can’t wait to finally understand the Little Busters story, so I will watch this whole season. The theme song of the first season was too good, so this time around the theme song sounds a bit lackluster.


Onizaki Piro

Performance 10
Script 10
Art 10
OP/ED 10
I want friends like these 10
Average 10

The second season of Little Busters, which was adapted from the Key game ‘Little Busters!’ Because it’s a continuation, it might be tough to start watching for newcomers who haven’t seen the first season. I got goosebumps listening to the opening theme song for some reason! I think I just must have personally liked the art and music…

The series is a good quality and the story of youngsters growing up is great! I’m jealous!

This season will bring the climax…I’m prepared to cry so bring it on!!!


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