Watch out for the extreme girlfriend! Golden Time gadget anime review [7.7/10]

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Golden Time – Gadget Anime Review

My scenario is perfect! When Tada Banri meets the self-centered lady Kaga Kouko, what will he do!?

Production: J.C.STAFF
Director: Chiaki Kon

Started October 5, 2013
Website: http://golden-time.jp/


Average Score

7.7/10 (3 Reviewers)


Onizaki Piro

Performance 8
Script 6
Art 9
Hocchann!! 10
Average 8

A university love story, with the entrance ceremony held at the Budoukan…I’ve heard of a school like that! The main character has just arrived in Tokyo, and the heroine immediately begins to beat up her childhood friend with a bouquet of roses…Hocchannnn! It’s nice to see Hocchan playing the main heroine again, but I have no idea how things will get romantic after this. Both the OP and ED songs are by Hocchan. Hocchannnnnn!!!


Anijirou Exploration Squad

Performance 7
Script 7
Art 7
This anime belongs to Hocchan 10
Average 7

From the opening sequence I thought that this would be a lovey-dovey story between the main character and the heroine, but the heroine is dating the main character’s friend? Is this a cuckolding anime? I’m planning to watch to see how this plays out.



Performance 8
Script 8
Art 8
Extremist Heroine 10
Average 8

Having enjoyed Toradora!, I have high expectations for this anime. I could see a bit of myself in the main character when he was watching the club recruitment. I had read the first volume of the original work, and I have to say that the art has more of a shoujo style than the usual light novel adaptation anime. I think it’s a good fit for the story, even though I only know the first part of it. Kaga Kouko has a great presence, and there’s not much else to do but fall in love if she starts talking to you in class. The ending was cute and created by Kaori from Yuyushiki!


Reviewer Profiles

Onizaki Piro
I’m an anime otaku gangster hiding in the dark and damp corners of the industry and doing my thing!

Anijirou Exploration Squad
A former event coordinator in his 30s who now works in media and anime distribution!

I watch a lot of anime that is popular online.


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