Slightly revised but finally on air! Coppelion gadget anime review [7.5/10]

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Coppelion – Gadget Anime Review

We will not give up on this world――welcome to the post apocalyptic SciFi action series from Tomonori Inoue. In the year 20XX, the past glory of the capitol is but a shadow amongst the ruins. As a result of a sudden accident approximately 90% of the residents departed. Over a decade later, three girls arrive at the old capitol. At first glance they are just normal young high school girls, but the strangest thing about them is their normalcy. No human should be able to survive in this wasteland without protective gear. They are known as Coppelion, genetically modified to resist radiation. Belonging to the JSDF third battalion, their goal is to find and save the few people remaining in the city.

Production: GoHands
Director: Shingo Suzuki

Started on October 4,  2013
Official Website: http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/coppelion/


Average Score

7.5/10(4 Reviewers)


Anijirou Exploration Squad

Performance 7
Script 7
Art 7
A dangerous setting… 10
Average 7

Does Coppelion mean puppet? The titled of the first episode seemed to indicate so.

Three girls are acting lively in the middle of a ruined city, while others have to cover themselves in heavy protection. Is this world ok? These girls have the ability to resist radiation due to genetic modification, and I wonder if other girls with different abilities will show up later on. The main character has a good voice actor, but I can still feel some strangeness about her Kansai dialect. I enjoyed the main theme song, sung by angela!



Performance 8
Script 7
Art 7
Short Skirts 9
Average 8

A science fiction story of Tokyo after a certain accident. It’s different from the usual anime I watch and I felt the desolate but somehow bright backgrounds worked to create a great atmosphere. The most memorable part was the strong winds, does that have anything to do with the accident? Genetic modification of humans to adapt to the environment used to be completely make-believe, but now it’s gotten much easier to accept as a possible reality. With recent events there may be some who are more sensitive to the art than others, but I hope that the story will be told to completion.


Onizaki Piro

Performance 10
Script 8
Art 10
Sales aside, the anime is well made 10
Average 9

Coppelion, set in a Tokyo where a nuclear plant meltdown in 2036 leaves the city desolate. The main characters are three high school girls born through a genetic manipulation called Coppelion.

The show starts with the surreal experience of watching the girls walk through a ruined and abandoned city, but they are actually looking for survivors…are there any survivors?

I wasn’t a fan of the art in the original manga, but the anime is very high quality with beautiful backgrounds and characters! The unique coloring is most likely for immersion into the ruined world, but I really enjoy it. I’m interested in how the story will progress and how the public will react!


George Reck

Performance 6
Script 6
Art 8
Beautiful Scenery 9
Average 6

I see, they left out quite a bit. The backgrounds are amazing and the story is interesting, but with key points left out due to recent events there may be cries of “not enough explanation!” If the anime interests you, I definitely recommend reading the original manga. As far as the anime, the beautiful backgrounds and the high school girls should make it interesting for some. It looks like there are some action scenes as well. Fans of the original may not be so happy. Again, if this interests you I recommend the original manga.


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Anijirou Exploration Squad
A former event coordinator in his 30s who now works in media and anime distribution!

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Onizaki Piro
I’m an anime otaku gangster hiding in the dark and damp corners of the industry and doing my thing!

George Reck

From old to new, I’m watching all kinds of anime. Robot, special powers, love, slice-of-life, I will eat anything! My favorites are “Saint Seiya,” “Penguindrum,” and “Pani Poni dash!”

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