The newest Battle Spirits entry has enough to please adults too! Battle Spirits Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero Gadget Review [6/10]

Battle Spirits Saikyou Ginga Ultimate Zero – Gadget Anime Review

Number 1 in the Galaxy, number 1 in the Universe!
Lets embark on a journey in space with the ultimate Card Quester Rei and his little partner dragon Mugen!

They travel across the field of stars in the spaceship First Star. Battle Spirits has entered a new age! Cards are now treasures amongst the stars. Adventurers called Card Questers keep fighting in search of stronger cards. Their goal is the “Ultimate Battle Spirit,” said to be somewhere in the galaxy!

Rei masters various elements and Ultimates, changing form depending on the element!

What could await them at the end of their journeys, and what Ultimate Battle Spirits will Rei be able to find!?

Production: Sunrise

Director: Masaki Watanabe
Started on September 22, 2013

Website: http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/battlespirits6/


Average Score

6/10(3 reviewers)


George Reck

Performance 5
Script 5
Art 7
Time slot 8am
Average 5

The lines stand out. They are big. This is a card game anime series targeting children, with a highly evolved card game. It’s hard to understand the battle scenes without knowing the rules of the game, but there is enough movement and action to still enjoy it. This episode felt a little bit slow for being the first episode, but I hope the kids were able to enjoy it still. The one drawback to this anime would be the early broadcast time. The voice cast is very good as well, so there may be some people watching just to hear their acting.


Onizaki Piro

Performance 8
Script 7
Art 8
Surprisingly high-quality voice actors 10
Average 7

This is the latest Battle Spirits anime, Ultimate Zero! Well, it’s a standard battle anime with a nostalgic manga feel to it. The main voice actor fits well with a cool but slightly younger voice, and the rest of the voice actors fill out the cast nicely. It’s fun to watch as an adult just to hear the voice acting.
The anime has an atmosphere to it that is reminiscent of “Majin Eiyuuden Wataru,” so there are probably plenty of adults that will enjoy this anime. I hope that the kids of today will enjoy this style too!


Anijirou Exploration Squad

Performance 6
Script 6
Art 7
Shotas undressing 10
Average 6

To 30 year old me, the character designs reminded me of Majin Eiyuuden Wataru. The voice actors are high quality, so those that watch anime for the voice actors should definitely check this out. The main character seems to do a lot of transforming, but I was surprised when that involved his clothes coming off. To have an undressing transformation scene from Sunday morning…

I would imagine that the battle scenes would be very fun if you play the card game as well. The strength of the Ultimate form was really clear to me…


Reviewer Profiles

George Reck

From old to new, I’m watching all kinds of anime. Robot, special powers, love, slice-of-life, I will eat anything! My favorites are “Saint Seiya,” “Penguindrum,” and “Pani Poni dash!”

Onizaki Piro
I’m an anime otaku gangster hiding in the dark and damp corners of the industry and doing my thing!

Anijirou Exploration Squad
A former event coordinator in his 30s who now works in media and anime distribution!

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