A mansion full of vampires against one girl!? Gadget anime review of Diabolik Lovers [5/10]

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Diabolik Lovers – Gadget Anime Review

Surrounded by the scent of blooming roses, a girl discovers her fate.

As if pulled along by the threads of fate, she meets them.

“I will take your first everything”

“Hey, do you hate me? Do you want to know more?”

“Does it hurt? How sad…I’ll make it hurt more, little bitch.”

“I realize now why you came to this house. This blood…the finest.”

“Humans are just vessels for blood.”

“Don’t talk to me! If you come any closer I will break you!”

They are greedy, bloodthirsty vampires… Something within her begins to slip into darkness, and awaken.

There is nowhere to run.

Production: Zexcs
Director: Shinobu Tagashira

Started on September 16, 2013
Website: http://anime-dialover.com/


Average Score

5/10(3 reviewers)


Onizaki Piro

Performance 8
Script 7
Art 8
Perverted handsome vampire rate 10
Average 7

The main character comes to live with 6 handsome vampires…I know, I already have a lot to say at this point too. But! They look really good! I suppose I’d want to be fed on by them too.

This anime has the horror ambiance on at full strength, but the vampires just go around licking the girl…the second half in particular seemed like a story out of a hentai anime video. Are really aggressive and unique characters the mainstream now for anime targeting the female audience?


George Reck

Performance 2
Script 1
Art 6
Slightly long dramatics 10
Average 3

The vampire version of a male harem anime for female otaku! You have to feel a little sorry for the main character, getting called flat chested right from the beginning… Pale guys suddenly appear in an old mansion, and they are all perverts that start licking her face. Is this the Ryozanpaku for perverts? This is pure horror, with the main character’s phone being broken, chased around the house, and treated like prey. It’s actually sexual assult, I think they got “Sadistic” and “DV” mixed up. The ending is too scary…



Performance 6
Script 3
Art 6
Horror 9
Average 5

A very dangerous anime in which 6 male vampires gang up on one girl. The whole time I was thinking “you don’t have to lick that much..,” but I realized that how you view fan service can be really quite different depending on the target audience. For me, this anime was more horrific than erotic. I hope the girl can survive the entire season!


Reviewer Profiles

Onizaki Piro
I’m an anime otaku gangster hiding in the dark and damp corners of the industry and doing my thing!

George Reck

From old to new, I’m watching all kinds of anime. Robot, special powers, love, slice-of-life, I will eat anything! My favorites are “Saint Seiya,” “Penguindrum,” and “Pani Poni dash!”

I watch a lot of anime that is popular online.

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