New CG film Robodog announced

2013.05.10 09:17:50 by andy category : Anime Games & Anime Tags :Anime CG Marza Animation Planet Robodog

Marza Animation Planet has announced that pre-production has begun on it’s first original feature. The studio has co-produced the Captain Harlock CG film coming this September.


The new film, called Robodog, will be directed by Henry F. Anderson III (Gnomeo & Juliet animation director) and will be a “heartwarming family adventure about two dogs that couldn’t be more different from one another. One is a bright and energetic Robotic dog and the other, an old and grumpy real dog who’s seen it all. The unlikely duo make a classic odd couple as they embark on an adventure of a lifetime as they learn about their place in the world and the true nature of friendship.”



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