Soul Reviver 3D CG promo

2013.05.01 09:19:17 by andy category : Anime Games & Anime Tags :3D CG Manga Soul Reviver

A 3D CG promotional video for the Soul Reviver manga by Tohru Fujisawa (GTO) is now streaming online. The video was produced by Digital Frontier, known for it’s work on Appleseed and Wolf Children.

In the manga the dead can be restored to life if their souls can be return to their bodies before disappearing into the void. Former detective Ryusuke Jin and deceased High School Girl Kurara Sekimachi travel the world of the dead, between death and the void, in order to salvage souls.


The scenario and character designs were created by Fujisawa, while Manabu Akishige (D-ASH, GO-ON!) is drawing the manga.

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