Odoriko Clinoppe anime promo

2013.04.13 11:23:49 by andy category : Anime Games & Anime Tags :Anime GREE Odoriko Clinoppe

A promotional video for the upcoming Odoriko Clinoppe (Dancer Clinoppe) anime series was released by the mobile social gaming network GREE. The anime is an adaptation of GREE’s creature-raising game, also named Odoriko Clinoppe.


The promo follows the protagonist as she comes home exhausted from work. Clinoppe follows her around as she watches TV, eats, and showers, trying to get her attention and get some candy. A shady looking man in sunglasses interjects with little facts about Clinoppe (they only eat candy, they communicate through dance, etc.) and offers to provide you with a Clinoppe if you so desire.


The anime will follow the daily antics of Clinoppe and it’s caretaker, the office lady named Onei-san. The series will premiere on May 9th, on TV Asahi.


The game is a creature-raising game where the player raises the little Clinoppe, giving it clothes and items and watching it dance.




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