Cast and Story for Tanken Driland – 1000nen no Maho

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Toei Animation and mobile game developer Gree has announced the story and cast for the upcoming anime Tanken Driland – 1000-nen no Maho. The anime is an adaptation of the mobile game Tanken Driland created by Gree, and the first season of the anime series began airing in 2012. The upcoming 2nd season will begin airing in Japan on April 6th.



The official story:

This story takes place 1000 years after the previous work. Due to a certain incident, all the hunters in the world were sealed inside of cards. The protagonist Hagan becomes to key to freeing them, and travels as he gathers cards and fights along his friends as they mature.


The main voice cast:


Hagan – Mayumi Yamaguchi (Digimon Adventure)

Kibamaru Gekienken – Motoko Kumai (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Faylin Raichoka – Yu Shimamura

Nagare Kisuikyo – Kenji Nojima

Haruka – Yoko Hikasa

Pahn – Kouki Uchiyama


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