The 2nd Berserk movie to have US Premiere in San Francisco in May

The North American publisher and distributor Viz Media has announced that Berserk Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey will be screened at the New People Cinema in San Francisco on May 11th. The event will be a double feature of the 1st and 2nd films with their English dub track, with the 1st film beginning at 3:00PM and the 2nd film beginning at 8:00PM. Tickets for both movies will cost US$25, and are available now.



Those who attend the event will also receive a gift pack and can enter into a raffle for items such as autographed pamphlets, figures, cell phone straps, and an artbook. For those that cannot attend, Viz Media will be streaming the double feature on their Neon Alley service at the same time as it is aired in San Francisco.


The anime films are adaptations of the Berserk manga by Kentarou Miura and are a trilogy. The second film focuses on the battle between the Kingdom of Midland and the Chuder Empire over Doldrey Castle, and opened in Japan on June 23rd. Viz Media has licensed all three films.



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